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Why We Do What We Doboy playing music instrument


I remember as a child when and where I was when I made my first sound on my first sax. My dad, the founder of Musicians’ Repair Service more than 70 years ago, showed me, and my instrumental career began. From playing professionally, to running a children’s choir at church, to working Saturdays in dad’s store since I was 12, music has been second in my life only to my family. I’ve been blessed to work with my father, my wife and my children.

The thrill of helping beginners make their first sound on an instrument and the pride in their parents’ faces is my favorite part of this business. We truly want all beginning players to thrive on this new experience.

Whether it’s to buy a new or used instrument, rent or lease a horn, fix one they found in Grandma’s attic, or help coach them on one borrowed from the next door neighbor, we sincerely want to help beginners get started on the right foot.

I try daily to uphold the high standards for which my family has stood for generations. After all, honesty, integrity, and a person’s word are really all on which we have to be judged.

We do our best to give you the same personal attention as we would our own family. With more than 70 years of customers, we feel they are family. My dad may have fixed your mom’s flute. I might have worked on your band director’s horn in that old repair shop in the alley Downtown. My kids could be selling reeds to your player or teaching him or her private lessons. My family has been helping families like yours for three generations.

We care about our customers. We want to help them enjoy the love and God-given talent of music. My family isn’t just the people who grew up in my house – it’s the people who grew up in our store.

– Owner Rick Oldham